What’s New Interviews Ty Denton of Austin Books & Comics


This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day! This week, for KOOP Radio‘s What’s New Radio Show, it was a real pleasure to sit down & talk a bit with Ty Denton of Austin Books & Comics all about it. We talk about what they have going on (starting at 8am!), some of the current creative threads in the business of comics that are happening right now, and a little bit about May The Fourth as well! Hear the whole thing and catch all the details at the links. Thanks!
Event details – Free Comic Book Day 2018
Website – https://www.austinbooks.com/
Ty’s comics book podcast – https://www.austinbooks.com/ty-one-on-episode-1-jose/

Interview – https://archive.org/details/WhatsNewInterviewsTyDentonOfAustinBooksComics

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