What’s New – April 4th, 2018


“Hey, kids! What are you doing this Wednesday, 8-9pm CT? How about checking out KOOP Radio’s What’s New Radio Show? It’s the hour-long music interview show you can hear anywhere in the world at http://koop.org. This week, we’re talking all about HONK!TX! Learn how the marching band for adults grew to be a part of a global series. We’ll also be speaking with Nakia about his new 7″ release this weekend at Breakaway Records. We’ll talk with Transformer director Michael Del Monte about his film’s Austin Film Festival / Agliff screening next week. And, live in the studio, we’ll be talking with Austin band Honey and Salt about their release show this week. See you then. Thx!”

Stream it live at: http://KOOP.org
Stream it up to two weeks at: http://www.radiofreeamerica.com/show/what-s-new-1-koop-radio

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