What’s New Interviews Nakia and the Blues Grifters

30127306_10156247258929493_507754713901802411_nFriends! This Sunday, Austin favorite Nakia and the Blues Grifters are celebrating the release of their new 7″ single at Breakaway Records. Be among the first to hear & buy some crisp, rich, shiny new vinyl from the man himself. And partake in some Via 313 Pizza & Austin Beerworks! This week for KOOP Radio‘s What’s New Radio Show, we got to talk with Nakia Reynoso all about the development of his song “Yonder Wall”, recording, working with Black Fret, and catching with The Voice. And his upcoming live album recording! Hear it all that & more at the links below. Thanks!

The single release event this Sunday – https://www.facebook.com/events/634590253546014/
The April 28th live recording show – https://www.facebook.com/events/214732232601943/
The official site – http://nakia.net/

Interview – https://archive.org/details/WhatsNewInterviewsNakiaAndTheBluesGrifters

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