What’s New – April 11, 2018

30630034_2187380274610938_1338037966613774336_n“Hey, kids! When I’m not giving testimony before Congress or participating in Star Trek cosplay, I try to catch the What’s New Radio Show on KOOP Radio every Wednesday at 8pmCT. It’s the best hour-long music & interview show Austin has to offer. This week, the show will be talking with Lietza Brass from Moontower Comedy, talking all about what to expect at this year’s fest! Also, the guys behind Austin’s buzziest band going, Missio, call in to talk about their sold-out Parish show. And, recorded during SXSW 2018, comedian Jim Gaffigan talks a bit about his current films including You Can Choose Your Family, Chappaquiddick Movie, & Super Troopers 2. Hear all of this and more anywhere you are in the world via stream at http://KOOP.org. Thanks!”

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